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A pharmaceutical formulation unit in South India


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Fluidised bed dryer and auto coater machine facing issues of:

- Process temperature fluctuation of 5-7°C

- Higher start up time – more than twice the desired level

- Higher batch time

- Opening of actuated steam trap bypass valve through a pre programmed function in PLC, leading to steam loss

- Higher steam pressure (4 bar g) to overcome condensate evacuation issues, leading to water hammer and hunting of control valve 
To optimise batch operation and adherence to temperature profiles.
Forbes Marshall control valve (eVALV™) for pressure and temperature control

Steam operated pump trap (SOPT)
Operation of equipment at a pressure of 1.5-2 Bar g

50% reduction in start up time 

Precise temperature control (1°C)

8% reduction in steam consumption

Complete elimination of bypass valve opening uniform discharge of condensate

No water hammer and coil puncture