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Ensuring Clean Safe and Efficient Power

Forbes Marshall has been working with the power industry worldwide to deliver energy savings and process efficiency. Our 75 years of industry knowledge combined with our products and solutions in steam engineering and control instrumentation helps us improve processes and conserve energy. All our solutions are aligned with the sustainability goals of the industry.

Our range of products and solutions for the power industry comprises of high efficient boiler , steam traps, condensate pumps, steam and water analysis solutions, flow metering solutions, condition monitoring etc.

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Our Solutions

Steam and Water Analysis

Forbes Marshall specialises in fully integrated, compact steam and water analysis systems that provide precise measurements on critical parameters. This helps to keep erosion and corrosion of equipment in check, and minimises maintenance downtime.
Sampling System, Sample Coolers

Utility Monitoring

Remote Vibration Monitoring

We offer the latest online vibration monitoring solutions to keep rotating equipment running smoothly and maintain plant safety. Our systems provide plantwide analysis and diagnosis to reduce downtime and unplanned shutdowns.

Continuous Emission Monitoring

Our range of emission monitoring systems corroborate our efforts towards a clean and safe environment, These systems are well engineered, robust, reliable and capable of continuous operation over long periods with minimal maintenance.
Insitu Analyser