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Industrial pollution is a major contributor to air and water pollution worldwide. The Forbes Marshall range of emission monitoring equipment and water quality analysers help Industry comply with the norms and regulations and reduce environmental impact.

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Water Pollution

Forbes Marshall's range of water quality analysers for industrial effluent
and sewage treatment plants help you monitor important parameters
like pH,BOD,COD,TSS etc.

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  • Aqua SMARTPro® Field Mounted Transmitters
    For pH, Conductivity and DO
  • Online Multiparameter Analyser CX1000 series
    On Line Measurement of COD/BOD/TSS/pH for Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Phenol Oil in Water Analyzer CX 1000 Series
    Oil in Water and Phenol Analysis for Water Treatment Plants
  • COD Nitrate Analyser
    On-line COD and Nitrate Analysis for Water Treatment Plants
  • Aqua4Trans 4 Wire Transmitter
    Versatile Controller for pH, COnductivity,