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Plug Air Leaks to Save Electricity.

Air is free, but compressed air is not free. Plug air leaks to save electricity.

Compressed air is used in many manufacturing facilities. The cost of generation, however, is often overlooked by plant managers, maintenance, and production. Compressed air is not free. In fact it is one of the most expensive sources of energy in a plant.

The cost of compressed air can be easily calculated by knowing the FAD capacity, motor power consumption and operating pressure.

Consider an example of a 1500 Scfm Compressor operating at 7 barg. The compressor motor with a rating of 250 KW would require 1 KW to generate 6 Scfm. Taking the cost of electrical power as Rs. 5/- per KW, 6 Scfm will cost Rs. 5/-; hence daily cost of compressed air assuming 12 hrs of operation is close to Rs.9 lakhs!

As a rule of thumb an air compressor consumes electricity worth its cost annually. Compressed air leaks are too expensive to ignore. Plug them to save electricity and cost.