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At Forbes Marshall, we believe in going the extra mile for our members. We have several people practices that have been appreciated by members over the years.

People Connect

Given our importance of people over anything else, our core HR framework revolves around our touch point with people. We have a process to ensure every member is spoken to, at least once in a quarter, to gauge the pulse of our organisation.

Family Day

At Forbes Marshall, we believe that families are as important as the members. Every quarter, we invite families of a few members to come and visit the member’s workplace. This helps the member’s family connect with the organisation at a personal level.

Women at the Workplace

We believe that working women walk a tight rope managing both home and work. Meljol is an all day long event during office hours to enhance bonding among lady members. ‘Apna Adda’ is an all-women association. It is a cross-functional committee formed by women, for women to celebrate womanhood. This committee is not only formed by women members of Forbes Marshall, but also women spouses members. The areas of focus are health, emotional well-being, skill development and parenting.

FM Juniors

During the Christmas holidays, we organise educational picnics and adventure camps for our FM Juniors, i.e. the children of our members. 50% of the picnic expenses are paid by the organisation and 50% are paid by members. There are also rewards and recognition for members’ children for outstanding achievements in academics and extra-curricular fields. This program is followed by an informal evening of fun and games!

World of Wellness

World of Wellness is a cross-functional team working towards balancing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the members and their families. World of Wellness focuses on enabling wellness initiatives for members that revolve around the seven spokes of wellness – emotional, physical, intellectual, social, financial, spiritual and occupational.