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Monitor AMI Silica

Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of silica in water steam cycles

Digitally Enabled
  • Measuring range 1 to 5'000 ppb
  • Based on colorimetric measurement principle
  • Complete system including measurement and control electronics, photometer with integrated reaction chamber, flow indicator, reagent dosing system and reagent containers.
  • Measurement values are available as analog output signals
  • Alarm display and activation of alarm relay when user defined, critical limits are reached
  • Continuous, automatic monitoring of main instrument functions (sample flow, reagent supply)
  • Easy user menus in English, German, French, and Spanish. Simple programming of all parameters by keypad
  • Data logger for 1,500 data records stored at a selectable interval
This is a product of SWAN Analytical Instruments. Forbes Marshall is an official distributor of SWAN products..