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OPTIFLUX 5000 Flange Version
The OPTIFLUX 5000 is one of the most accurate flowmeters available in the market today. This is the result of a special tube design with conical parts, optimizing the flow profile.
  • Exceptional long-term stability and accuracy
  • Unique flow tube
  • Fused in-place Cermet or platinum electrodes
  • For highly aggressive and abrasive fluids
  • Fully vacuum-resistant
  • For acids, alkaline, paste, slurries and many other aggressive media even with high solid contents
  • Precise volumetric dosing of additives
  • Precise volumetric dosing of additives
  • High-tech ceramics liner
  • Insensitive against temperature shocks

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Doc Type : Technical Information Sheets(TIS)
This is a product of KROHNE Marshall.