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Piston Valves PSVAL

Forbes Marshall Piston Valves are the best technical fit to cater to a variety of fluid isolation applications in the industrial sector. They find application in a variety of media in process and utilities like saturated steam, superheated steam, heat transfer fluids, nitrogen and more.
Our piston valves are unique in their ability to provide a perfect inline shut off and no gland leakage. This ensures zero inline/external leakage.
  • 480 to 600 % higher sealing area.
  • Class VI bubble tight shut off: burnished piston sealing. 
  • Zero gland leakage, Soft seated Sealing
  • Perfect interface fit, Interchangeable parts
  • Protection of wetted parts: In open and closed condition, piston remains enclosed in sealing rings and is hence protected from erosive or corrosive material.
  • Zero inline leakage
  • Class VI bubble tight shut off 
  • Zero gland leakage
  • Perfect interface fit
  • No water hammer
  • Ease of maintenance as critical components can be replaced without removal of valve from line.
  • Valve seating on the sides eliminates the possibility of wire drawing effect
  • Protection of wetted parts 
  • Ease of Operation
  • Low cost of repair
  • Low cost of ownership