Case Study:

A beverage manufacturing plant in Western India


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– Steam loss through trap bypass valve

– Condensate drained from one pasteurizer

– Flash steam vented to atmosphere

– Feed water temperature 65°C - 70°C
Improving feed water temperature
– All inverted bucket traps and float traps replaced with steam operated pump traps for pasteuriser, bottle washer, sugar syrup tank and CIP areas

– Flash steam recovery to feed water tank

– Installation of feed water level control

– Improvement in mainline traps uptime

– Monitoring of steam, make-up water and condensate return 
– 100% recovery of condensate and flash steam to feed water tank

– 15°C rise in feed water temperature

– Real time monitoring of condensate recovery factor

– 15% improvement in condensate recovery factor

– Savings of ~3% in the annual fuel bill 3

– Water savings of 2250 m /yr

– Reduced CO2 emissions ~525 TPA