A correctly selected and sized steam trap reduces process time and simultaneously saves energy.

Steam traps are devices that trap steam and allow condensate and incondensable gases to be removed from the system. Different steam traps operate on different mechanisms. Though a steam trap, because of its inherent nature, will trap steam the effectiveness and efficiency of each type may vary, depending on the application.

It is important to select the right steam trap based on both size and type. The trap size decides the amount of condensate that can be discharged in unit time. Sizing depends on condensate load, differential pressure and factor of safety.

Given below is a guide for selecting the correct type of trap for major applications.

Case example:
At a chemical plant in Gujarat, replacing thermodynamic traps with correctly sized Float traps reduced process time from 7 hours to 5 hours and steam consumption by 8%. Just shows what right trap selection can do for the plant.