For steam traps that discharge to the atmosphere, diffusers should be used at the point of discharge. Diffusers dampen the velocity of condensate discharge thereby leading to safe discharge.

In traps such as thermodynamic traps, inverted bucket traps or balanced pressure traps, the traps have an intermittent discharge. Thus these traps discharge large quantities of condensate intermittently. Very often, especially on steam traps installed on the main lines, the traps are left open to discharge to atmosphere. This poses a safety hazard as hot condensate is discharged as a blast.

A Diffuser is a compact unit designed to be fitted to the outlet of a steam or air trap discharging to atmosphere. The Diffuser dampens the velocity of condensate discharge thereby reducing the safety hazard as also the problems of noise and erosion of ground. More than 80% reduction in the sound pressure level can be expected when measured at 1 meter from the discharge point. The Diffuser should be fitted on the outlet side of a steam trap or air trap with a suitable fitting to ensure that the discharge of condensate is towards the ground or some safe enclosure.