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Distillation Column Automation

Forbes Marshall provides automation for most complex processes where the column may be multicomponent, multi-pressure or operating under vacuum, either packed or tray columns. Specialized control algorithms have been designed and successfully implemented for mass and energy balance of the column. Cascade control systems with interlocks provide additional safety/ control accuracy since the parameters are interdependent. Special function blocks have been used to compensate for the slow dynamics of the distillation process.

Digitally Enabled
  • Control System (DCS / PLC) designed & customized as per Client’s and OEM’s requirement.
  • Configuration & Operator software - suitable for providing dynamic graphics, process mimics, real-time & historical trends, group displays, faceplate displays, alarm management and report generation.
  • Relay Based Safety panel for Safety Interlocks.
  • Erection and Commissioning service for Automation package for the Distillation column.
  • Utility Monitoring system to optimize the Energy balance and heat recovery.
  • Simplifies plant owner responsibilities to coordinate for the assistance required during plant
  • Commissioning, maintenance, Modification etc.
  • Entire Plant functionality is controlled and monitored from one central place.
  • Optimized control helps in reduction of wastage & improves product yield and throughput.
  • Helps in Consistency in product quality.
  • The flexibility of creating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Reports help Manager for Capacity and financial planning.
  • Plant Owner / Manager get control of Production rate to improve plant Efficiency.