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Monitor AMI Hydrazine

Microprocessor controlled system for the determination and control of hydrazine or carbohydrazide used as boiler feedwater oxygen scavengers.

Digitally Enabled
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic, continuous monitoring of sample flow and sensor cleanliness
  • Simple programming of all parameters by keypad
  • Electronic record of major process events and calibration data
  • Two current signal outputs (0/4-20 mA), galvanically separated from sensor input, for hydrazine or carbohydrazide concentration and temperature or as continuous control outputs
  • Complete system on stainless steel mounting panel
  • Transmitter AMI Hydrazine in a rugged aluminum enclosure (IP66)
  • Sensor system self-cleaning three-electrode system for determination of hydrazine or carbohydrazide
  • Flow cell made of acrylic glass with flow adjustment valve, digital sample flow monitor and integrated temperature probe.
  • Sample alkalinization with highly efficient diisopropylamine.
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation
This is a product of SWAN Analytical Instruments. Forbes Marshall is an official distributor of SWAN products..