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The compact turbidity measuring system OPTISYS TUR 1050 OPTISYS TUR 1050 OPTISYS TUR 1050 uses the 90° scattered light method to scan liquid samples in glass cuvettes. This means that the measurement optics are not directly exposed to the sample and thus require less maintenance. 

Digitally Enabled
  • 90° scattered light method according to ISO 7027 / US EPA 180. 
  • Measuring range: 0…100 NTU/FNU or 0…1000 NTU/FNU 
  • Rapid response time due to small measurement volume
  • Simple calibration with reusable liquid calibration standards 
  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning to prevent mineral deposits 
  • Monitoring the potable water quality
  • Filter monitoring
  • Monitoring of contamination

This is a product of KROHNE Marshall.