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Single Orifice Float Trap SOFT

Forbes Marshall Single Orifice Float Trap is a single orifice condensate drain trap and the first choice for process applications. The compact construction of these float traps combined with high discharge capacity ensures maximum heat transfer.  Its unique features include a self-aligning main valve, water-hammer proof float assembly, and an integral, corrosion resistant air vent. All these along with the option of a steam lock release (SLR) mechanism make the Forbes Marshall single orifice float trap the most preferred ball float trap in the process industry. 

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  • Effective condensate drainage 
  • No steam loss in normal working condition means a reduction in the carbon footprint. 
  • Erosion and impact resistant : Erosion deflectors with simplified flow paths make the trap erosion and impact resistant. 
  • The integral air vent quickly vents out the trapped air, reducing the start-up time and increasing the plant productivity. Also available with steam lock release provision to remove the locked steam when a trap is installed at a distance from the process equipment
  • The self-aligning valve and water seal ensure that there is no live steam loss. Robust design for longer life, low maintenance and high availability.
  • A modulating valve orifice mechanism provides complete and immediate condensate removal under varying load conditions.
  • Lipless float construction and smooth flow paths improve resistance to water hammer and erosion