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Case Studies

  • Textiles
    Optimise Ironing Process in Garment Manufacturing
  • Paper & Board
    Improve Steam System Performance in Corrugation Process
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Optimising Processes & Maximising Savings
  • Dairy
    Optimization of CIP Startup Time
  • Oil & Gas
    Improve uptime of Critical Pumps
  • Oil & Gas
    Achieve a Sustainable Zero Leak Steam System
  • Sugar
    Turbine In Sugar
  • Oil & Gas
    Condensate Evacuation Made Easy in Low Temperature Heating Applications
  • Oil & Gas
    Improve Uptime of Critical Pumps
  • Fertilizer
    Control pH level of slurry reactor and reduce ammonia consumption
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Draining condensate for fear of contamination?
  • Textiles
    reduce batch time in jiggers
  • Paper & Board
    More paper,Less steam
  • Solvent Extraction
    Achieve desired temperature in heater
  • Power
    Provide experts with vibration data from remote terminals for analysis
  • Automobile
    Run your press at optimum load
  • Oil & Gas
    Improve Steam Dryness Fraction
  • Concrete
    Optimising the steam system through proper design
  • Cement
    Eliminate fluctuations in air supply pressure
  • Steel
    Eliminate tundish nozzle clogging
  • Water & Wastewater
    Meet Effluent Discharge Norms
  • Dairy
    Set-up a Carbon Neutral Steam System
  • Tyre & Rubber
    Reduce Steam Consumption per Metric Ton of Tyre
  • Sugar
    Avert Frequent Tripping of Turbine
  • Chemical
    Reduce Steam Consumption
  • Hotels & Hospitals
    Improve Efficiency of Hot Water Systems
  • Beverage
    Reduce Steam Consumption Caused by Stall
  • Food
    Reduce rejection rate and improve batch quality
  • Brewery
    Reduce Steam Consumption per litre of Beer