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Why use level radar ? : Week 4/1/2012

In the last article, we discussed about importance of Level measurement and how the Radar type measurements are beneficial to the user. In this article, lets see some applications of Radar type measurements


  • O.E.M. equipment - e.g. as part of an automatic oil lubrication feed system
  • Machine & skid assembly - The control of water and cleaning agents in industrial washing machines, filling machines for ink and beverages
  • Tank & silo building - Tanks for water, oil, underground tanks, rental tanks for glycol etc.
  • Water & Wastewater - Level control in water basins, ports, locks
  • Pulp & paper - All kinds of storage tanks and recycling tanks
  • Agriculture - Water control for greenhouses, livestock feed management, blood recovery in abattoirs
  • Chemical - Storage of plastic pellets
  • Automotive - Paint booths, lubricant oils
  • Food & beverage - Various storage and recycling tanks for wine, beer, fruit juice, ...

Why is it so useful?

The level radar makes level gauging easier than ever before. The wizard works wonders. Setting up a 2-wire level gauge couldn't be easier. One has to simply fit the gauge to the tank, wire it up and switch it on. It works with just 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1. It tests itself to make sure its electronics are working perfectly.
  • Step 2. It’s wizard walks you through a simple series of questions to define your tank and the product you want to measure.
  • Step 3. That's all you need. Your Level Radar is already measuring.

As we told earlier, it is versatile because it is not affected by changes in product or process in connection with temperature, pressure, density, conductivity, vapors, or dust. Since the measurements are done without contacting the measured liquid or solid, it makes them versatile and reliable.

And the good news is, with the advancements in technology today, such equipment is available at prices very close to conventional DP type or Capacitance type instruments.

In our next article, we will discuss about a new revolutionary concept. It is about on-line measurement of BOD, The Biological Oxygen Demand.