Microcon+ Distributed Control System

Microcon+ Distributed Control System
Distinitive features of Microcon+ DCS are:

  1. Modular and expandable system
  2. Ideally suited for both continuous and batch applications
  3. Choice of various redundancy configurations
  4. Choice of rack mounted or DIN rail mounted IO modules
  5. Open system architecture
  6. Ease of configuration
  7. Hardware and software reliability
  8. Convenient installation
  9. Seamless integration to MIS/ERP systems
  10. Ease of connectivity to the internet
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The system has been designed to have a completely modular and expandable architecture and also to handle both continuous and batch applications simultaneously. In order to cater to area wise system requirements, the system has the remote IO configuration as a standard feature and is also capable of supporting various field bus standards so as to satisfy future demands for expansion.

Benefits related to our Proconf & Provue Distributed Control System(DCS) software package are :
  • Process Optimization , Process Secrecy is safeguarded  as a standard feature.
  • Complete Integrated Diagnostics , configuration , Troubleshooting and monitoring: No separate licenses required for each
  • User specific Code could be written
  • One Time buy SINGLE LICENSE philosophy,  no need to for costly upgrade after every 2-3 years
  • Customized reports, Alarm Summary analysis as built in standard.