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Instantaneous Hot water Generation System
The instantaneous hot water provides instantaneous temperature controlled hot water using steam as the heating medium.

Description of the picture:
1. Plate heat exchanger for efficient heating complete with demountable plates for easy cleaning.
2. Safety Valve to protect the heat exchanger.
3. Pressure Reducing Valve to maintain correct pressure on to heat exchanger.
4. 2-port control valve with correct valve characteristics for the application.
5. independent high limit control to provide overheat protection.
6. receiver to allow collection of condensate.
7. Steam operated pump trap combination to remove condensate under all load conditions.
8. Controller for accurately maintaining desired water temperature.

User benefits:
· Correctly installed controls give accurate temperature control & instantaneous heating.
· Effective design provides efficiently heated hot water in a compact package.
· Effective condensate removal under all load conditions increases the efficiency and life of the system.
· Reduced installation costs and downtime as the equipment is preassembled and mounted in a frame.
· Has inbuilt condensate pumping system

PPRS System Heat Exchanger Temp. Control Condensate Removal Pipework Electrics and pneumatics Support Frame
This system uses steam to provide accurate heating of low temperature hot water or hot water for processes. Systems can be sized for any heating duty from 100 kW to approximately 1800 KW and are supplied fully assembled and pressure tested ready for installation.


The system provides the core of the system. Additional items such as steam pressure reduction, safety valve and safety high limit shutoff should be selected separately.