Industrial Boilers: Ten Features That Promise Performance

Industrial boilers are an indispensable part of process plants where steam is used to supply heat to various processes being carried out. A lot of discussion happens around the attributes of a good industrial boiler. This article highlights ten features of industrial boilers which promise a good performance.

1.    Able to deliver steam with high dryness fraction

The steam generated by the boiler should be dry and free from impurities. The water carryover can be a result of boiler operating practices as well as boiler design. A good industrial boiler will be designed in a way to avoid the water carryover. This ensures that the steam going to the process is free from moisture and impurities.

2.    Correctly Sized

Sizing of the industrial boilers is probably most important step in boiler selection. An undersized boiler would not be able to meet the steam demand and the oversized boiler will frequently turn off and on which will reduce the overall operational efficiency of the boiler.

3.    Should be equipped with safety interlocks

Safe operation of industrial boilers is a must. A good industrial boiler will always be equipped with various necessary safety interlocks and alarm systems. This ensures that various safety breaches are brought to the notice of boiler supervisor and corrective action is taken accordingly.

4.    Energy efficient

An efficient industrial boiler not only saves energy, but also reduces the carbon footprint. A good industrial boiler should have high steam to fuel ratio. 

5.    Easy for maintenance and inspection

An industrial boiler should be designed in such a way that it is easy to maintain and inspect. Many times, plant personnel tend to avoid carrying out regular maintenance activities only reason being the fact that the boilers are not easy to maintain. Considering this, a good industrial boiler is easy to maintain and inspect.

6.    Truly packaged- easy to install

Ideally, industrial boilers should be compact and truly packaged so that minimum civil work is required to be done on the site. Packaged boilers can be installed quickly, easily and are quite flexible for change in position.

7.    Equipped with a good burner

An industrial boiler should be equipped with high quality burner with high turndown ratio. If the turndown ratio of the boiler is low, there will be frequent on-offs and as a result, the direct efficiency of the boiler will go down. Ideally, industrial boilers should have turn down ratio in between 1:3 to 1:4. 

8.    High quality accessories installed properly

Every boiler should be equipped with various essential accessories. These accessories should be installed in right numbers at right locations. For instance, it is always preferred to have two moberey level controllers instead of one. The same holds true for disc check valves in feedwater lines. The quality of various installed accessories like feedwater pumps, isolation valves and safety valves should be up to the mark.  The boiler should also be properly insulated so that the radiation losses are at a minimum.

9.    Equipped with online efficiency monitoring and blowdown control systems

Buying an industrial boiler with high efficiency does not imply that the boiler will always run at a high efficiency. An industrial boiler should always be equipped with suitable systems like online efficiency monitoring and blowdown control to ensure that the boiler performance is always at its best. 

10.    Correct engineering and design

Correct designing of boiler internals plays an important role in shaping the overall performance of a boiler. The quality of steam, possibilities of water carryover, efficiency of heat transfer and many more crucial performance parameters depend on the design and engineering of boiler internals. Every industrial boiler should have thoroughly engineered and well-designed internals. To meet sudden steam demands, the boiler should have sufficient steam space and water holdup capacity. If proper care of all these parameters is not taken, the quality of steam and boiler efficiency will be affected.