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QSWAS™ Sampling System

QSWAS™ (Patent Pending) is a compact pre-assembled modular, flexible and easy to use system, that enables maximum utilization of installation space along with an ease of operation. It gives the user complete flexibility in design layout, customization and expansion of the SWAS panel to suit his ever changing requirements.
Regd. Design No. 282680
  • Designed as per ASME PTC 19.11-2008 standard guidelines
  • Basic building blocks for systems
  • Easy to replace and install in existing plants
  • Safety & Reliability
  • Wall mounted & Rack mounted options.

  • Quick Installation and Maintenance - Modular design helps the operator maintain components on the spot.
  • Maximum Access - All components of QSWAS™ are easily accessible from both sides of the SWAS Panel
  • Smaller Footprint  - Compact design
  • Easy to Maintain - All components accessible from the front for maintenance
  • Available with Wall Mounted / Rack mounted Option