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Benefits of Condensate Recovery

Recovering condensate helps in many ways. Following are a few benefits of recovering condensate and mixing it with make up water in a feed water tank -

  • Condensate is an excellent source of feed water as it is relatively pure (compared to most water supplies) being condensed water vapor.
  • Boiler water cycles of concentration can be increased and blow down amounts can be reduced with its use
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces water treatment chemical cost
  • Reduces make-up water costs
  • Reduces load on sewer system (Effluent Treatment Plant) and disposal costs
  • Meet environmental regulations
  • Condensate can also be used as the hot process water to use the enthalpy for heating coils or heat exchange units. In the plating industry the condensate is run directly into hot rinse tanks which provides the hot water necessary for final rinsing of articles that have been treated. Thus it saves live steam that would otherwise be required for heating water. But, it is always wise to utilize the maximum heat content of the condensate.